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06.08.2012 10:36:53

I Love Citizen’s Connect

I think there is a fire hydrant missing here. Either that or someone installed a really awesome tripping hazard. Could really go either way… You never know in this city…

Man, oh man, do I love Citizen’s Connect. I very much enjoy periodically browsing all the complaints. Why do I love it? Let me count the ways.

  1. Great way to to super easily report problems to the city.
  2. Reported issues actually get handled in a very timely fashion. They even send push notifications to your phone when your report is closed or updated.
  3. As the above demonstrates it really brings the funny sometimes. Whether it’s because of snarky responses or the guy who files reports on each and every car parked on his street without a resident permit sticker (he lives in the Back Bay—shocking, I know!).
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